Confidentia helps to train upcoming heroes in the art of focus and shifting the brain into new patterns through the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming and lifestyle management.

Confidentia is unique even among her friends.  While they all need external triggers for their superpowers to work, Confidentia sources her superpowers from within.

This makes her influence on ADHD much more subtle, but also very powerful if applied consistently and mindfully.

Her first superpower is that of Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP.  By using specific language patterns, one can affect how the subconscious responds to external triggers.

It is also possible to focus the mind on excellence and to build in anchors to help with concentration and memory.

Secondly, Confidentia looks at practical approaches to dealing with and living with ADHD.  Heroes, especially NutriGirl and ToxClear, have to rely on her quite heavily, since it is not always easy to incorporate dietary and technology changes and in young superheroes.

When they work together for a sustained period of time, the results are well worth the challenges.