Help your child find their superpower and overcome the minions of ADHDrone!

Through the application of the latest Integrative Medicine protocols, we take a multimodality approach to customize more than just a treatment protocol for your child, but we aim to help them thrive as human beings and superheroes!

Your team of superheroes - each with their own superpower to help!


1-Up plays a very important role in assisting the heroes by providing testing and analysis.


BrainBoost uses their ninja skills to stimulate the brain by applying high-tech solutions to the problem.


Confidentia helps to train upcoming heroes in the art of focus and shifting the brain into new patterns through the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming and lifestyle management.


NutriGirl teaches us to look at the nutrition that we give our children on a daily basis. One of the most important elements of a balanced brain is what we eat!​



NutriGuy and his sidekicks work tirelessly to optimize brain function through the use of supplementation.​


ToxClear loves cleaning. His neighborhood and environment allows on to live a life optimized for fun and performance!​

In order to do so, we need to look at several villains and address their influence on your child.


Gleach causes problems in the gut for young (and older) superheroes. A leaky gut can influence ADHD.


Inflames spreads inflammation throughout the body and brain which causes a lot of neurological challenges.


NeuroTox uses heavy metals and other toxins in the body to negatively affect brain health


The impact that our communication with children has should never be underestimated, especially when one is faced with ADHD.


Sugar is one of the biggest villains when it comes to those who have a predisposition to ADHD and other brain afflictions

Clients share their experience

His English exam marks improved from 23% to 100%. Afrikaans from 30% to 90%. This was the case for all his subjects.
We had tried for a few years with our son to help him overcome his anger issues and other ADHD related problems he was having!We came across the ADHD Help centre on the internet and we had to try a new route. We saw Dr CP who was very helpful in his understanding of our situation, a thorough assessment was done on our son and natural remedies were given and recommendations for a healthier diet, we have seen a huge improvement in our son's behaviour ever since and even the school he attends has seen this difference.We are overjoyed and ever so thankful for all the TLC we have received at the centre
K. R.

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