The impact that our communication with children has should never be underestimated, especially when one is faced with ADHD.

When our superheroes struggle with the challenges that ADHD throws at them, it becomes quite the challenge for us as their guardians to remain balanced and in control of ourselves.

Because they look up to you (even if it might not always seem that way), the specific words you use when talking to and about them creates their internal dialogue.

When we allow negative talk to pervade our communication with them, it can lay foundations of false belief systems.  These belief systems can grow in intensity as superheroes get older and have an immense impact on their lives as adults.

Some false belief systems that OhNo! can instill include:

I am stupid naughty lazy dumb bad a failure useless

One of the challenges that some superheroes face is that of recurring thoughts, especially those of failure or challenges.

What would happen if the above thoughts were stuck in your head?

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