Gleach causes problems in the gut for young (and older) superheroes. A leaky gut can influence ADHD.

A leaky gut sounds gross, doesn’t it?

It’s something that many (if not most) superheroes who have to fight against ADHDrone have to face.

Now this is where things get interesting and you can help your superhero gain control over some part of this challenge.

A leaky gut has been linked to possible food intolerances and allergies and once those trigger, they can make the leaky gut worse and a cycle of destruction ensues.

Why is a leaky gut bad?

A leaky gut, or a hyperpermeable gut if you want to get fancy, can trigger many adverse reactions in people.  One of these reactions is linked to ADHD because of the effect that pathogens that pass through the gastrointestinal lining has on the brain.

Another reaction causes an inflammatory response which, of course, feeds Gleach’s best friend, Inflames.

Can we treat leaky gut?

The short answer is yes.

There are various approaches that we take to address a leaky gut.

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