BrainBoost uses their ninja skills to stimulate the brain by applying high-tech solutions to the problem.

This geek is in science heaven with all of the opportunities they have to help boost cognition and calm down some of the racing thoughts that heroes might struggle with.  Their superpowers include Auricular Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen and Photobiomodulation


Photobiomodulation is one of the most exciting areas of medicine that we are exploring at Hero Academy. This field of study uses photons and light at specific wavelengths and frequencies to modulate or affect the brain in positive manners.
Lasers are shone transcranially into the brain to reduce inflammation and also to promote brain function.

Auricular Therapy

The use of Auricular Therapy has been proven in studies to help with attention, concentration, hyperactivity, and other challenges faced by those with ADHD.

Small sterile needles are placed at specific points on the ears to stimulate brain balance and assist the body to detoxify.

All superheroes have weaknesses - and many of the young ones share a fear of needles. No worry at all - the therapy is also done with gold plated magnets or seeds that are placed on the relevant points and kept on for a time period. The magnets or seeds are replaced weekly for the duration of the therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

It might be challenging not become jealous of the amazing gadgets that the superheroes get to work with at Hero Academy. 

Nothing stops you from joining them for a couple of sessions to enhance your own brain function!

Climbing into the hyperbaric oxygen chamber allows superheroes to inhale oxygen under pressure – much like divers do when they are underwater.

The effects for our superheroes are less brain inflammation and more oxygen in the blood (and brain), which has shown positive effects on cognition, attention span and reaction time.