NeuroTox uses heavy metals and other toxins in the body to negatively affect brain health

Our environment is unfortunately laden with obstacles for superheroes.  Many of these environmental toxins end up in their bodies and can cause havoc if we do not address them properly.

There are many different types of toxins that can affect brain health.  While we cannot wrap superheroes in cotton-wool and keep them in sterile rooms, we do the best we can to be aware of these toxins and address them as they occur.

Heavy Metals

Metals coursing through the bodies of budding superheroes are not a good thing.  Heavy metal toxicity has been linked to ADHD and other neurological challenges.

At Hero Academy, we test for heavy metals by using a specialized spectrophotometer that checks both heavy metal toxicity as well as intracellular mineral content.  Sound fancy? It is!!


There are many different foods that can contribute to impaired brain function.  Some food types that have shown to affect our superheroes include:

  • Artificial food colourant
  • Food flavoring
  • MSG
  • Aspartame


There are many different types of radiation that can be like kryptonite to superheroes.  Some are more visible than others and they affect people in different ways.  Radiation can include:

  • Blue light from television / phone / tablet screens
  • Wireless technology

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